Are you a teacher?

Welcome to Alberta Environmental Laws 101!

This website can be used by high school teachers to incorporate environmental law into their classes. It is divided into two main sections – topics and lesson plans.

If this is your first visit to Alberta Environmental Laws 101, we suggest starting with the topics and particularly with the section on the Fundamentals of Environmental Law. Starting here will walk you through each topic giving you and your students a good overview of environmental law in Alberta. Keep an eye out throughout the sections as many pages include areas for participation and ideas for extra student work. Throughout the site you will find our suggestions for incorporating the content into the Alberta curriculum. Currently, the curriculum content focuses on Social Studies 10 – 30 and Science 10 – 30; however, the content is available for anyone to use.

From there, move on to our lesson plans. These lesson plans are designed to build off the topical knowledge and can be used to test students’ understanding. Each lesson plan includes areas for student participation and either a project or discussion questions. All lesson plans and content are available for free download for use in the classroom.

Also make sure to check out our Resources page for the contact information for other groups working on environmental and legal issues in Alberta and across Canada.