Curriculum Connections: SCIENCE 10





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General Outcome
Alberta Environmental Laws 101 Connection to Curriculum
1: Students will explain how climate affects the lives of people and other species and explain the need to investigate climate. Climate Change: Explain how human activity is causing climate change. How can we reduce our impact on the biosphere and on global climate while still meeting human needs? How can the law help us lessen the impacts of climate change?
4: Students will investigate and identify human actions affecting biomes that have a potential to change climate (eg. Draining of wetlands) Water Law: How are we protecting/not protecting our wetlands? How will wetland degradation affect future water management in the province? How is water management considering the effects of climate change?
Energy: How is the burning of fossil fuels affecting climate? Should we switch to more renewable energy? What does the law need to do to encourage more renewable energy use?
Species Law: Should an investigation of human impacts on the environment include an investigation into the degradation of critical habitat for species at risk? What does the law need to do to encourage better protections for species at risk? Look at differences in law provincially and federally.


Throughout each topic, we have highlighted connections to Alberta high school curriculum to assist students and teachers with connecting this resource to classroom learning.