How do I use these lesson plans?

How to Use the Lesson Plans


Now that you (or your students) have spent some time familiarizing yourselves with some of the topical areas of environmental law in Alberta, you are ready to start testing what you know.


  • These lesson plans are designed to be used in the classroom and include some suggested timelines.
  • They are designed to be used in conjunction (and often after) spending time on the website content itself. They are adaptable and can be used in their entirety or parts of each can be drawn on to create content appropriate for your grade level and curriculum.
  • Connections with the curriculum are included throughout the website. Currently, the curriculum connections are focused on Social Studies 10 – 30 and Science 10 – 30; however, the content is available for anyone to use.
  • Most of the lesson plans are standalone activities and if any of them require background work, they will indicate what is needed. For example, we suggest completing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms lesson plan before moving on to the Climate Litigation lesson plan.
  • New lesson plans will continue to be added so make sure to check back often!
Now that you’re ready to go, we suggest starting with the Fundamentals of Environmental Law lesson plan – have fun!


  • These lesson plans are a great way to get thinking about the information we have covered on this website and to test your knowledge.
  • Use them in groups or on your own to expand your thinking and make sure to check back with the website content if you have any questions or aren’t sure how to finish.

Additional Resources

  • Check out past work done by the Alberta Council for Environmental Education and the Environmental Law Centre which includes a number of draft lesson plans that could be used in conjunction with the lesson plans on the Alberta Environmental Laws 101 page. See Enhancing Student Voice through Climate Change Education for more resources.
  • Don’t forget that you can always look to our Resources page for some other websites and sources of information both to help with the lesson plans and to expand your knowledge even further!

Most of all, don’t forget that these are complicated issues, often without one clear answer and it takes time to work through some of the concepts.

Take your time and check back in with Alberta Environmental Laws 101 for more inspiration!

Fundamentals of Environmental Law Lesson Plan 

Tragedy of the Commons Lesson Plan

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Lesson Plan 

Climate Litigation Lesson Plan