How should I go through these topics?

Hello and Welcome to Alberta Environmental Laws 101!


This website is designed for teachers and students interested in learning more about environmental laws and environmental issues in Alberta. This section of the website is a great starting point – it is our content focused section and is divided into nine topics, each focused on a different part of environmental law.

We suggest starting with the Fundamentals of Environmental Law  if you haven’t been here before – this section will give you a background to some of the concepts that will come up again and again throughout the rest of the content. On the other hand, if you’re interested in starting with Species Law (for example) jump right in! Each page will connect you with a part of Alberta’s high school curriculum. This is designed to help teachers and students incorporate these topics into their classrooms.

Each topic is divided into a number of sub-pages – these will walk you through some of the basics in each area of law. It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive review of environmental law. Keep in mind that a law degree is 3 years (usually on top of an undergraduate degree) so don’t feel discouraged if you find some of the information complicated.

Make sure to check out our Resources page if you want to explore some other organizations doing work on both environmental issues and education.

Enjoy and come back soon to let us know your thoughts!