Energy Law

Renewable Energy Resources: Hydropower

Hydropower is one of the oldest forms of renewable energy in the province. In fact, in the 1950s, nearly 50% of the province’s power came from hydropower.[1] Although today the proportion of hydro is lower, this is in large part due to increased electricity needs of a growing population and the ready exploitation of fossil …

Key Players in the Energy Industry

The energy industry includes government, government-created bodies, and numerous companies producing, developing, or refining renewable and non-renewable forms of energy across Alberta. Companies include producers such as Syncrude and Suncor, along with many others producing, extracting and transporting oil and natural gas from the oil sands and across the province; Epcor, Atco, Enmax and Direct …

Section Review

Now that you have finished this section on Energy, you should be comfortable: Understanding the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy resources Identifying some of the up and coming renewable energy options in Alberta Understanding and describing the role of Alberta Energy, the Alberta Energy Regulator, the Alberta Utilities Commission, and the Canadian Energy Regulator …


Energy Law

Curriculum Connections


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