Environmental Law in YOUR life

Now, can you think about some ways that you encounter environmental law on a day to day basis?

Think about taking the garbage out at the end of the day. There are different rules about the types of garbage you can throw out. For example, you may not be able to throw out all of the chemicals that you have in your chemistry lab in a regular garbage. This is to ensure that hazardous chemicals, which may be dangerous for the environment and/or humans, are kept safe and secure.

To learn more about dumping hazardous materials check out the Alberta EPEA.[1]
If you are interested in this topic, make sure you check out our section on Toxins & Waste here.

What about when you go to Jasper or Banff for a weekend holiday? A national park has different rules and regulations than cities or lakes. For example, you may not be able to drive a motorized boat on a lake in a national park but you can drive a motorized boat on Pigeon Lake.

To learn more about some of the rules specific to a national park, check out the Canada National Parks Act.[2]

Or, what about when you go fishing or hunting with family members? First, you will need a permit: either a fishing permit or a hunting permit which sets out where you can hunt, which animals you can hunt (and how many) and when you can go. It can also prohibit you from hunting in national parks or from hunting endangered animals. The rules that allow for these permits can be found in the Alberta Wildlife Act and associated regulation. The Wildlife Act is an example of a law in Alberta that focuses on species and hunting in the province.[3]

If you are interested in this topic, make sure you check out our section on Species here .
Can you think of any other examples of how environmental law affects your day to day life ?

Where does Environmental Law come from?

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[1] Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, RSA 2000, c E-12.

[2] Canada National Parks Act, SC 2000, c 32.

[3] Wildlife Act, RSA 2000, c W-10.




Fundamentals of Environmental Law

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