Now that you have finished this section on the Canadian Constitution and Environmental Law, you should be comfortable:

  • Defining what a constitution is and how it is different from other statutes
  • Defining federalism and understanding how it can play a role in environmental law
  • Discussing how the common law plays a role in understanding and interpreting the constitution
  • Understanding the changes that occurred to the Constitution between 1867 and 1982 and then again between 1982 and today
  • Debating whether there should be a constitutional right to a healthy environment and identifying some of the common arguments for or against this idea.

Go back and review any of these topics before you move on to the next section on the Managing our Environmental Resources: A Modern Take on the Tragedy of the Commons.




The Canadian Constitution And Environmental Law

Lesson Plan: Fundamentals of Environmental Law
Lesson Plan: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Lesson Plan: Tragedy of the Commons
Lesson Plan: Climate Litigation

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