An Introduction to Water Law

After oxygen, water is probably the most important thing that any of us, human or animal, will ingest today. It keeps us and the environment around us healthy and ultimately alive. In Canada, we often take our water for granted, we seem to have a lot of it and most of us have access to clean water at the tip of our fingers. Considering this, it will probably be surprising to learn that our water isn’t actually as clean or abundant as we thought. Water management is key, especially as climate change results in more water issues such as droughts and floods. Keeping this in mind, Alberta is in charge of managing and distributing our water resources. 

Water law is one of our topical sections focused on a more discrete area of the law – the others include species, energy, toxins & waste, and climate change. You can jump around these sections in any order and can focus on a particular topic that is important to you or you can start here and move through each one – this will help you understand how each area of environmental law is connected. Start with the links on the left hand side, and as you complete each sub-topic, you will follow the links at the bottom of each page (or the links on the left hand side) to the next topic in order.


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Additional Resources

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