Are you interested in environmental law in Alberta?

Welcome to Alberta Environmental Laws 101!

This website is designed to introduce readers to some of the most relevant areas of environmental law in Alberta today. As you will see, the website is divided into two main sections – topics and lesson plans.

If this is your first visit to Alberta Environmental Laws 101, we suggest starting with the topics and particularly with the section on the Fundamentals of Environmental Law. Starting here will walk you through each topic, giving you a good overview of environmental law in Alberta.

Lesson plans were designed primarily to be used in high school classes but can also be a good way to review and synthesize the information included in the topical sections of the website. Overall, this information is designed to be available and accessible to everyone regardless of age and education level. Everything is also available for free download and can be shared with your friends and colleagues.

If you are interested in a specific area of environmental law, please take a look around our site and check out our Resources page for the contact information for other groups working in the environmental and legal realms in Alberta and across Canada.