An Introduction to Energy Law

Energy is crucial to our Albertan identity – not only because so many Albertans work in the oil and gas sector but also because when you’re reading this, the weather in Alberta may be anywhere from -35 to +35 a huge range that requires energy to heat, cool, or transport us around our very large land mass. In this section we will focus on energy and, in particular, how we create energy in Alberta. We will define what we mean by energy, look at how energy production has changed over the last 50-100 years, examine some of the key players involved in the administration and regulation of energy and take a closer look at both non-renewable and renewable resources.

Energy and the law is one of our topical sections focused on a more discrete area of the law – the others include species, water, toxins & waste, and climate change. You can jump around these sections in any order and can focus on a particular topic that is important to you or you can start here and move through each one – this will help you understand how each area of environmental law is connected. Start with the links on the left hand side, and as you complete each sub-topic, you will follow the links at the bottom of each page (or the links on the left hand sides) to the next topic in order.


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Energy Law

Lesson Plan: Fundamentals of Environmental Law
Lesson Plan: Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Lesson Plan: Tragedy of the Commons
Lesson Plan: Climate Litigation

Curriculum Connections


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